Save Rodney’s Pillar

Rodney’s Pillar is a Grade II listed monument, erected at the top of Breidden Hill, Powys, in 1782 to pay tribute to Admiral George Brydges Rodney.

We are a not for profit organisation with the mission to preserve Rodney’s Pillar for the benefit of the public as a prominent heritage landmark.  An outward bulge has formed on the side of the pillar, approximately a third of the way up, with vertical cracks and small holes forming. Without structural repairs, the pillar is in danger of falling down.

Registered Charity Number : 1186259

About Us

Our Aim

We are a newly established charity with the sole aim of preserving Rodney’s Pillar as a monument for all to enjoy.

As an iconic landmark, visible from miles around, people come from far and wide to enjoy the experience of walking in the Breidden Hills, taking in the stunning views over Shropshire and North Wales from the monument situated on top.

The Story So Far

Our initial intention was to raise funds both locally and by approaching funding organisations such as The National Lottery. The arrival of the Covid pandemic in 2020 put paid to a lot of potential activities, although we did continue to receive donations through this website and from local individuals and organisations.

One challenge the Charity faced was establishing the ownership of the Pillar itself. Natural Resources Wales (NRW), the lease the land on which the Pillar stands from the landowners and after considerable discussion NRW took the decision in October 2021 to fund and carry out the repairs to the Pillar that are currently required. Going forward they will also monitor the condition of the Pillar to ensure any future deterioration of the pillar is highlighted.

In view of this the Trustees of the Charity considered that as NRW will be paying for the repair work, fundraising for the Charity should cease.

What next?

NRW have appointed a project manager and tender documentation, including details of the specification for the repair work, has been released on Sell2Wales (View Notice – Sell2Wales (gov.wales)). The Pillar is Grade 2* listed and is in an area of special scientific interest, both of which will require specific permits. It’s location will bring specific challenges in getting materials to the site and the repairs will need specialised skills.

If all goes well, remedial work will begin late Spring 2023 and is estimated to take around four months.

The Charity’s role

Save Rodney’s Pillar is pleased that the work of the Charity raised the profile of the state of the Pillar and brought it to the attention of NRW. The Trustees look forward to working with both NRW and Cadw (the Welsh Government’s historic environment service) until the repairs to the Pillar are completed.

The Trustees are grateful to all individuals and organisations that have supported our work and hope that interest will continue until the work has been completed and the Pillar is safe. We will continue to issue updates to members which will also appear on our News page and can still be contacted via our Contact Us page.

Registered Charity Number : 1186259