A Significant Development

Although it has been some time since the last update at the beginning of July, the Trustees have been working behind the scenes with Natural Resources Wales (NRW), the lessees for the land on which the Pillar stands, and are delighted to announce that NRW have taken the decision to fund and carry out the repairs to the Pillar that are currently required. Going forward they will also monitor the condition of the Pillar to ensure any future deterioration of the pillar is highlighted.

Save Rodney’s Pillar is pleased that the work of the Charity raised the profile of the state of the Pillar and brought it to the attention of NRW. The Trustees look forward to working with both NRW and Cadw (the Welsh Government’s historic environment service) until the repairs to the Pillar are completed.

If all goes well, remedial work will begin in Summer 2022 and is estimated to take around four months.

There are more details to be discussed and once agreed they will be communicated out to everyone. In the meantime, the Trustees consider that as NRW will be paying for the repair work, fundraising for the Charity should now cease.

The Trustees are grateful to all individuals and organisations that have supported our work and hope that your interest will continue until the work has been completed. We will continue to issue updates but if you have any immediate queries, please message us.

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