Our First Annual General Meeting

The Charity will be holding its first Annual General Meeting on 9 February 2021.  Under normal circumstances this would be in person at a meeting with voting on resolutions done by a show of hands but this is not going to be possible.  Our constitution does not allow for general meetings to be held online (viaContinue reading “Our First Annual General Meeting”

Hoping you had a Peaceful and Safe Christmas and New Year

The Trustees hope you had a peaceful and safe Christmas and New Year; we have everything crossed that 2021 will be better for everyone than 2020. The Welsh lockdown that started on 20 December has meant that the planned face ­to-­face collections at Rodney’s Pillar car park over the Christmas and New Year period hadContinue reading “Hoping you had a Peaceful and Safe Christmas and New Year”

Open Meeting Minutes and Contacts

Minutes from our Open Meeting are now posted on the new downloads section of our website. Since the meeting we have set up separate email addresses for the main areas where we need support; each group will be headed by one or more of the Trustees. Marketing & Social Media: this includes raising general awarenessContinue reading “Open Meeting Minutes and Contacts”