Our First Annual General Meeting

The Charity will be holding its first Annual General Meeting on 9 February 2021.  Under normal circumstances this would be in person at a meeting with voting on resolutions done by a show of hands but this is not going to be possible.  Our constitution does not allow for general meetings to be held online (via Zoom, MS Teams etc) however the Corporate Insolvency and Governance Act 2020 has been temporarily amended to allow Charitable Incorporated Organisations like ours to hold a members’ meeting electronically, although there will be some restrictions.

The constitution allows for Trustee meetings to take place online and we are going to hold the AGM on Zoom.  The meeting will be open for members to view the proceedings but you will not be able to participate in the meeting itself.

The main business of an AGM is to receive and approve the Trustees’ report, to approve the accounts and to vote for the appointment of trustees and an auditor.  We have sourced an online voting system that will enable voting to take place remotely ahead of the AGM with the results announced at the meeting on 9 February.  We will also be inviting questions from members ahead of the AGM which the Trustees will aim to answer at the Zoom meeting once the official business has been completed.

The Trustees believe that while this may not be ideal it does fulfil the Charity’s requirement to hold an AGM, conforms to the current constitution and allows all members to vote on the resolutions and raise any questions they may have.

The formal Notice of Meeting will be issued to members on or before 25 January.  This will include the Trustees’ report and accounts plus details of the resolutions.  This email will include details of how to join the Zoom meeting on 9 February and how to ask a question to the Trustees.  At the same time you information will be issued on how to register your vote(s) which will be live from 25 January to 2 February.

As this is our first AGM all the Trustees are required to stand down but may offer themselves for re-election.  Two of the original eight Trustees will not be standing again and we are looking for two (or more! – the constitution allows for up to 12 Trustees) members to fill the gap. 

If you would like to find out more about what is involved in being a Trustee the Charity Commission has some useful guidance online at https://gov.uk/guidance/charity-trustee-whats-involved.  If you then want to find out more, including a copy of Save Rodney’s Pillar’s constitution, please send an email to members@rodneyspillar.org.uk.

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